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Have you been thinking about getting your kennel or club online but didn't know where to start? HoundPages.com is here to help! We provide complete design and hosting services, we also give our customers access to an exclusive custom designed control panel system that makes updating your site quick and easy read more »


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27 May 2011
We are just a phone call away!
We have added a new button to several pages
that will allow you to provide your phone number
and we will give you a call! Sometimes you just
need to talk to someone!

6 Feb 2011
HoundPages Homepage Redesign
We have launched a re-designed home page
let us know what you think by contacting us..


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We are all about keeping our expenses low and
passing that savings on to our customers. HoundPages.com is owned and operated by Chase Webb.


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  • Referral Rewards

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